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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Ross Davenport


Senior Clinical Lecturer

Centre: Neuroscience and Trauma



Dr Davenport is a Senior Lecturer in Trauma Sciences and Consultant Trauma and Vascular Surgeon at the Royal London Major Trauma Centre, Bart’s Health NHS Trust.  He was awarded the first PhD in Trauma Sciences in 2011 and his current research focus is on trauma-induced coagulopathy, the acute inflammatory response to injury and the treatment of major trauma haemorrhage.  His commitment to teaching include a faculty position on both the online Masters programme in Trauma Sciences and runs a number of trauma related SSCs at QMUL.


Run SSCs at FMD in trauma surgery and trauma research

Teach undergraduate medical students in vascular and trauma surgery


Research Interests:

My clinical academic training and was undertaken in Trauma Sciences (Blizard Institute) and The Royal London Major Trauma Centre (Bart’s Health).  My PhD thesis was dedicated to the functional and biochemical characterization of ATC using viscoelastic haemostatic assays (ROTEM) and I further demonstrated the importance of the Protein C pathway in this endogenous coagulopathy.  ROTEM is now used clinically for rapid diagnostics and directing blood component therapy during major bleeding.

I am a Senior Clinical Lecturer and supervise a number of PhD students in ATC both in clinical and pre-clinical work. I lead the fellowship and elective student programme for both the clinical trauma service and academic trauma sciences. 

Using our platform study I developed for my PhD - Activation of Coagulation & Inflammation in Trauma (ACIT) -  C4TS are pursuing the wider acute response to injury including the white cell and genomic response to major injury.

Using our platform study to biobank trauma patients soon after injury on admission to the Emergency Department (Activation of Coagulation & Inflammation in Trauma - ACIT), C4TS and a number of European partners in the International Trauma Research Network are pursuing the wider acute response to injury including the white cell and genomic response to major injury.

My current research interests include fibrinolysis in ATC to further characterise the mechanistic pathways, develop more sensitive diagnostics and validate novel therapeutics in experimental models.  I am currently a lead investigator on the national CRYOSTAT-2 trial evaluating the early use of fibrinogen supplementation (cryoprecipitate) in major trauma haemorrhage. 

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