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JavaException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in query at index 98: M. Marno Eithne O’Sullivan Christopher E. Jones, Julieta Díaz-Delfín, Claire Pardieu, Richard D. Sloan and Áine McKnight. RNA-Associated Early-Stage Antiviral Factor Is a Major Component of Lv2 Restriction. J. Virol.  vol. 91 May 2017\nChristopher E Jones, Áine McKnight. Retroviral restriction: Nature’s own solution Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases:  vol 29 December 2016\nKelly Marno, Lara Al’Zoubic, Matthew Pearson, Markus Posch, Áine McKnight and Ann P. Wheeler. The evolution of structured illumination microscopy in studies of HIV (Methods Available online 10 June 2015.\nKelly M. Marno, William B. Ogunkolade, Corinna Pade, Nidia MM Oliveira, Eithne O’Sullivan, Li Liu, Áine McKnight. Novel restriction factor RNA-associated Early-stage Anti-viral Factor (REAF) inhibits human and simian immunodeficiency viruses. Retrovirology. 11 2014\nLi Liu, Nidia MM Oliveira, Kelly M Cheney, Corinna Pade, Hanna Dreja, Ann-Marie H Bergin, Viola Borgdorff, David H Beach, Cleo L Bishop, Matthias T Dittmar and Áine McKnight. Genome wide screen identifies the PAF1 complex as a surveillance system that inhibits Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 infection. Retrovirology; 8. 2011\nSchmitz, C., D. Marchant, S. Reuter, K. Aubin, M.T. Dittmar, Á. McKnight, 2004, Lv2, A novel post entry restriction is mediated by both capsid and envelope. J.Virol 78:2006-16&flatXML=Y
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