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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Research Exchange Day – a protein perspective

When: Thursday, February 9, 2023, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Where: Clark-Kennedy Lecture Theatre, Whitechapel

Speaker: Various

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Join us on Thursday 9 February 9, 1-6pm in the Clark-Kennedy Lecture Theatre to discover and discuss different biological questions with a protein perspective!

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD) and School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences (SBBS) are pleased to welcome you to the Research Exchange Day at the Blizard Institute jointly organised by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD) and School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences (SBBS). 

Protein biologists within these faculties will give short talks on different biological questions they are tackling from the perspective of individual proteins to molecular systems. Several core facility managers will present posters on the in-house capabilities and services provided to carry out protein biology work at QMUL.

Registration is required for this event.

Please see below for the full schedule.

Session Time slot Talk title Presenter
Infection biology 1.00-1.05 Opening remarks Richard Pickersgill, Head of SBBS
1.05-1.15 Structural characterisation of the mucin degrading metalloprotease Ssle Vidya Darbari, SBBS
1.20-1.30 Ribosome Display: A tool for antibody discovery and probing protein-protein interactions Angray Kang, FMD
1.35-1.45 Structure and Function of the Ubiquitin System in Infection and Immunity Ben Stieglitz, SBBS
Neurobiology 2.00-2.10 Amyloid-beta membrane interactions and Alzheimer's Disease John Viles, SBBS
  2.15-2.20 G-protein coupled receptors, still drug target number 1 Peter McCormick, FMD
  2.25-2.35 Regulation of Calcium Channels by auxiliary proteins: function and neuronal trafficking Ivan Kadurin, SBBS
Coffee break and poster session
Nucleic acid interactions 3.20-3.30 Structural analysis of Nucleoprotein Complexes using Cryo EM Danylo Gorenkin, SBBS
3.35-3.45 The structure of the human RAD17–RFC clamp loader and 9–1–1 checkpoint clamp bound to a dsDNA–ssDNA junction Mattew Day, SBBS
3.50-4.00 Regulation of the RNA-bound proteome by oncogenic signalling Faraz Mardakeh, FMD
Macromolecular assemblies 4.15-4.25 Centriole structure/function relationship in health and disease Mark van Breugel, SBBS
4.30-4.40 CProteome informatics: From Mass spectra to drug discovery? Conrad Bessant, SBBS
4.45-4.55 Phosphoregulation of biomolecular condensation Sindhuja Sridharan, FMD
5.00-5.05 Closing remarks Mary Collins, FMD
Drinks, networking and poster session

This event will be in hybrid mode. We strongly encourage our participants to come in person to interact and foster new collaboration!

Looking forward to the lively discussions!

Sindhuja Sridharan, Vidya Darbari, Richard Pickersgill and Mary Collins

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