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Improving Recycling

We have a number of schemes for diverting waste to innovative recycling schemes and improving recycling rates.

The Campus Services and Sustainability Team have been working together to introduce improvements to our waste management practices. We are currently:

  • Standardising bin designs - phased replacement of cardboard bins used for mixed recycling (due to flimsy design) with the ‘moon bin’ currently used for general waste.
  • Improving signage - general waste and mixed recycling bins will have a label on the top (general waste and mixed recycling), along with additional signage on the front panel that describes what can and cannot be put in each bin.
  • Standardising colours of bin liners – clear liners for general waste and green liners for mixed recycling to match the colours of the bin signage.
  • Rationalising locations/numbers of bins – relocate bins from lecture rooms and other areas to shared/central areas, ensuring two ‘moon bins’ with clear signage are in each bin station.
  • Removing any existing dual bins, which have caused issues due to lack of clarity and poor design (these will only be used if there are space restrictions).

With these changes, we aim to:

  • Make it easier for everyone to know which bin to use, which should reduce contamination levels and increase recycling rates.
  • Standardise bin designs, signage and operations across QM buildings and campuses. This will improve the look and feel and make it easier to remember which bin to use.
  • Improve the efficiency of operations by centralising bin locations.
  • Tackle issues previously reported across campuses where a single bag was being used in dual bins.
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