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Transferring course

You may want to change to a new programme of study, either at Queen Mary or elsewhere.

You may wish to transfer to a new course or withdraw and restart a new course. 

If you are offered a transfer from one programme of study to another, you have a guaranteed place on a new programme of study.  However, if you withdraw you cease to be a student and your university record will be closed so if you want to return to Queen Mary, you would have to re-apply for a new course place (through UCAS if you are undergraduate). If you have recently withdrawn you may not be able to start a new course at Queen Mary immediately. 

The Queen Mary Student Transfer and Admissions policies are available on the Queen Mary Policy Zone and Academic Registry have information about changing your programme to an alternative one at Queen Mary, what to consider and they provide the relevant form you need to use. 

New students transferring to Queen Mary should contact the Admissions Office for advice about joining a programme of study and can also read the information about transfers and advanced entry .  

Current Queen Mary students who want to transfer to a new course at Queen Mary should contact their current School and the new School they wish to join. 

Research students should contact the Research Degrees Officeabout a change of programme.   

If you are considering transferring to another University, also contact the Admissions Office at that university for advice about their procedures and what they require you to do. 

Forms required 

You will need to complete the relevant forms to transfer courses within Queen Mary or to leave your current programme of study and transfer to a new University.  There are different forms to withdraw and transfer externally or to transfer and change programme within Queen Mary.

If you are a Research Student, there are specific forms to complete to change programme or transfer

Fees, Funding, and immigration implications to consider 

As well as the academic implications, transferring courses within Queen Mary or to another University can affect other issues: 

Read our information about other practicalities if you are no longer attending a course at Queen Mary.

Check your tuition fee liability. You may be liable to pay fees for your current course and for the new course. Our Tuition Fee page has information about fee payments and liability at Queen Mary. 

Consider the impact on your funding. If you receive UK Government Student Funding, check how this will be affected if you transfer.  You may have to repeat a year and funding may not be available for every year of a new course. We have information on our Student Funding implications page.

If you receive funding from anywhere else, e.g. your government or other organisation, check that this funding will continue if you change course or transfer elsewhere.  Research students who obtained their funding through Queen Mary should contact the Research Degrees Office.  

If you are in the UK with Student Immigration Permission, it is very important to check how this will be affected for your current course and for a new course. Your current Student Immigration Permission may not allow a change of course and you cannot use student immigration permission issued for Queen Mary to study at another Institution although there are some exceptions for medical students who intercalate at another University. You can find information about this on the Visa and fee implications to changes of your Programme.

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