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An Interview with Professor Galin Tihanov

Song Baomei, associate professor from Northeast Agricultural University, interviewed Professor Tihanov when working as a visiting scholar at Queen Mary, University of London. Galin Tihanov is George Steiner Professor of Comparative Literature, member of the Academia Europaea and Honorary President of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory.


This interview encapsulates Professor Tihanov’s view on world literature, exile and Cosmopolitanism. Beginning with the features that differentiate Bakhtin from other contemporary currents of literary and cultural theory and his relevance to the twenty-first century, Professor Tihanov makes thought-provoking remarks on the importance of exile and exilic writing for world literature and comparative literature.

On World Literature, Exile and Cosmopolitanism: An Interview with Professor Galin Tihanov [PDF 1,470KB]
granted to Baomei Song, Foreign Literature Studies (外国文学研究), Wuhan2018, Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 1-12.



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