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School of English and Drama

Shahidha Bari on 'Women, Fashion and Power'

21 October 2014

Time: 6:30pm
Venue: London College of Fashion

In recent years, matters of dress have featured in discussions of sexism in politics, street harassment, rape blame and unobtainable body image ideals. From pop culture icons such as Madonna and Beyonce to political power players such as Theresa May and Hilary Clinton, what a woman chooses to wear is often more closely scrutinised and discussed than her actions and achievements.  At the same time, women’s consumption of clothes and diverse senses of dress have been a driving force for the success of the fashion industry.

This debate asks pressing questions about women and dress. Is it possible to square modern feminism with fashion forwardness? How can we better understand women and dress in the global religious and political contexts? And with a US election pending, are we about to witness the rise of the first female trouser-suited president?

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