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School of English and Drama

Lucy Freedman


Drama Teaching Associate



I am currently researching for a PhD in Drama at Queen Mary. My PhD explores processes of criminalisation and subject formation in the bourgeois British state, looking to the criminal trial as a dramaturgical event. I am interested in ways in which participatory performance are used to aid these processes. My broader research interests include materialist and marxist feminisms, abolitionist and anti-carceral theory, marxist theories of law and the state, and non-representational theatre. I am also an editor of the marxist-feminist journal Invert. 


Lucy has taught on the following modules at Queen Mary:

  • DRA120 Interventions
  • DRA114 London, Culture, Performance



'A 'Beautiful Half Hour of Being a Mere Woman: The Feminist Subject and Temporary Solidarity' (2018), Historical Materialism, 26 (2). 

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: An Education Worker’s Reflections of the Carceralisation of Care’ (2020), Invert Journal, 1.

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