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School of English and Drama

Andrew Visnevski

President Founder, Theatre Alive!; Head of MA Courses, RADA


Apprenticeship in theatre directing at the Young Vic theatre 1976-78; founder and director of The Cherub Company London, pioneering text-based physical theatre and re-establishing early modern and European classics – touring UK and across continents for 25 years; freelance directing theatre internationally in Greece, Poland, The Netherlands and Israel; workshops in interpreting Shakespeare in the UK, Belgium and Israel; since 1987 closely involved in training for the theatre and promoting the work of new actors, designers and composers.

Being invited to become an Artist Research Fellow at QM gives me the opportunity to connect with other practitioners and, learning from them, strive to find a better link between interpretation of seminal early modern drama and the training of the physically liberated actor; and explore the danger, the need or the inevitability of (mis-)appropriation of poetic theatre by physical theatre.


Through work as director, teacher and Head of courses I strive to explore the widest field of theatre practice to alert actors to; to broaden the perspective of approach to text-based drama and share the need for constantly revised, informed alternative and deeply personal interpretation. Recent productions include PHAEDRA by Yannis Ritsos performed at The Cockpit in London by Brett Brown with video installation and gamelan and ‘cello accompaniment, Gogol’s DIARY OF A MADMAN at the 2014 Avignon Festival performed by Marc-Antoine Damidot with ‘cello and violin, and FALSTAFF&SON, a tale of an old and a younger actor based the Henry IV plays by William Shakespeare premièred at the Tmu-Na Theatre in Tel Aviv 2015. And last summer at RADA I directed THE RAFT OF THE MEDUSA devised with MA Theatre Lab in collaboration with Joshua Sobol. I am also creative mentor to Theatre Re.


All my productions are listed on the website:

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