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School of English and Drama

Samenua Sesher

Cultural management consultant and coach


Key Info

Samenua is a cultural management consultant and coach specialising in organisational development and leadership:

She is also delivering a multi-stranded project called Museum of Colour in partnership with People’s Palace Projects and the BFI. For more information on this contact Samenua


My professional creative journey began in theatre but I have since worked for BBC TV drama and community arts organisations. I was the director of Arts Council England’s decibel programme for five years and I set up the culture service for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

I am thrilled to be working with People’s Palace Projects and the BFI to deliver the Museum of Colour and will be using my Artists Research Fellowship to pursue a long held research interest. I write and am passionate about tennis (watching not playing), music, television drama and film.


I am in love with creativity and empowering people to do their best. I often work with small organisations doing big things and people at personal and career related crossroads. To find out more about this area of work email


Most recent article: Diversify of Die in Writing the Future Black and Asian Authors and Publishers in the UK Market Place:

The publication on issuu:


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