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Queen Mary Academy

UK Professional Standards Framework and the Queen Mary Academy Taught Programmes

The Queen Mary Academy’s Taught Programmes are accredited by Advance HE and programmes are aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework.

About the UKPSF

The UKPSF is a nationally-recognised framework for benchmarking success within HE teaching and learning support which is managed by Advance HE.  It forms a comprehensive set of professional standards and guidelines for everyone involved in teaching and supporting learning in HE.  The UKPSF can be applied to personal development programmes at individual or institutional level to improve teaching quality.

Queen Mary is committed to the continuous development of teaching practice, and is embedding professional standards of teaching into its practice and appraisal scheme, aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), with its five areas of activities, Core Knowledge and Professional Values.

Dimensions of Professional Practice

The framework identifies the diverse range of teaching and support roles and environments. These are reflected and are expressed in the Dimensions of Professional Practice.

The UKPSF clearly outlines the Dimensions of Professional Practice with HE teaching and learning support as: 

  • areas of activity undertaken by teachers and support staff
  • core knowledge needed to carry out those activities at the appropriate level
  • professional values that individuals performing these activities should exemplify.

Areas of Activity

Core Knowledge

Professional Values

Design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study

The subject material


Respect individual learners and diverse learning communities


Teach and/or support learning

Appropriate methods for teaching, learning and assessing in the subject area and at the level of the academic programme

Promote participation in higher education and equality of opportunity for learners


Assess and give feedback to learners


How students learn, both generally and within their subject/disciplinary area(s)


Use evidence-informed approaches and the outcomes from research, scholarship and continuing professional development


Develop effective learning environments and approaches to student support and guidance


The use and value of appropriate learning technologies


Acknowledge the wider context in which higher education operates, recognising the implications for professional practice

Engage in continuing professional development in subjects/disciplines and their pedagogy, incorporating research, scholarship and the evaluation of professional practices

Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of teaching


The implications of quality assurance and quality enhancement for academic and professional practice with a particular focus on teaching



Taught programmes

Our taught programmes are mapped against the UKPSF and enable participants to demonstrate their practice in each of the dimensions of the framework.  The Taught Route Handbook <insert link> provides a detailed mapping of the programme against the UKPSF.

Participants will be also introduced to the UKPSF and its role at the programme induction. Successful completion of our taught programmes leads to recognition from Advance HE as either Associate Fellow (CILT) or Fellow (PGCAP). 

As participants’ careers and roles progress, they may wish to make an application for Senior or Principal Fellow.

Find out more

More details are available on the Advance HE website.

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