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Here you will find email templates for communicating with learners who may not be engaging, links to Queen Mary support services you can utilise with learners who may not be engaging, and resources designed to assist with any curriculum review based on Learner Engagement Analytics (LEA) data findings.

Model communications for learners

This learner guide has been authored by Queen Mary learners involved in the LEA project at the university. It is a useful resource to use when introducing LEA to learners.

Student Guide to Learner Engagement Analytics [PDF 167KB]

The following resources were circulated at Queen Mary in September 2021 as a consistent method of communicating with learners about the use of LEA. Each template can be personalised and used at different stages of an intervention programme (levels 1-3 of escalation). There is also an introductory template explaining to learners the purpose of LEA (level 0).

LEA level 0 email template [DOC 28KB]

LEA level 1 email template [DOC 31KB]

LEA level 2 email template [DOC 30KB]

LEA level 3 email template [DOC 29KB]

Intervention strategy support

Queen Mary provides an Advisor Hub where you can find:

  • advice and guidance on being an Advisor
  • academic support available for learners
  • mental health and wellbeing guidance
  • development and careers advice
  • practical problems guidance
  • links to Advisor training resources.

The Queen Mary Academy provides Advisor training both in the form of self-directed learning through QMPlus or in-person Senior Tutor and managing bold and challenging conversations sessions.

More information on Advisor training at Queen Mary can be found here.

Curriculum design and evaluation support

LEA can be used to inform the design of modules and programmes. For guidance on how educators can achieve this, the following resources have been create. Click here for more information on how to use LEA in curriculum and learning design. 

The Queen Mary Academy also provides general guidance on curriculum development including support with: 

  • constructive alignment
  • intended learning outcomes
  • inclusive design
  • embedding graduate attributes and employability

More information on curriculum design at Queen Mary can be found here.


Introductory workshops and FAQs

As part of Queen Mary’s strategic work to enhance our capability around LEA to improve learner progression and satisfaction, introductory workshops have now been delivered to most Schools and Institutes. The generic slide deck from the workshops can be accessed here:

LEA workshop - generic [PPT 2,794KB]

Additionally, an FAQ resource answering the most common queries encountered during the workshops can be accessed here:


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