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Team-based Learning

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a pedagogical strategy that engages students through individual testing and group collaboration. Students answer questions individually, and then join teams to work through problems​.

The stages of TBL

  1. Learners complete pre-class readings/assignments
  2. At the beginning of the class, learners complete an individual test to check what they have learned prior to the session
  3. Learners then join teams and debate the questions before completing a team scratch card, scratching of their agreed answer to hopefully reveal a star for the correct answer
  4. Teams then continue to discuss any incorrect answers until the correct answer is revealed
  5. Learners can 'appeal' an incorrect answer
  6. Educators are prepared to provide mini-lectures on areas that the learners struggle with
  7. Learners engage with activities that apply and extend their knowledge
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Find out more

Watch the 2023 Queen Mary Festival of Education workshop from Dr Robert Hatch from the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences (SPCS) on using scratchcards to develop oracy and encourage deeper learning in higher education.

Case studies

Case studies will be made available on this page.

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