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Queen Mary Academy

Festival of Education 2022

Festival of Education 2022

The Queen Mary Festival of Education 2022

The Queen Mary Festival of Education 2022 took place between 8 and 10 March 2022. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Session recordings

You can access recordings of the parallel sessions by following the relevant session link in the Festival programme.

Festival of Education podcast

Hear Professor Janet De Wilde and Dr Stephen Buckingham reflecting on this year's Festival.

Keynote recordings

Peer-Led Team Learning: Promoting Student Engagement and Success, Jose Luis Alberte-Dueñas and Alberto Cruz

Challenge Based Learning - transforming adult lifelong learning in higher education, Dr Cecilia Christersson

Award winners

Festival attendees were asked to provide their feedback on sessions in five categories. The prizes for best contribution in each category are as follows:

  • Innovation - Who is qLegal: Student success and the future of work - Eliza Platts-Mills, Emily Wapples, Roshan Jeebun (student) and Ofa Lemaki (student); Centre For Commercial Law Studies

  • Evidence-based - How to manage the ‘unprofessional’ online behaviour of students: An emerging dilemma in higher education - Xue Zhou; School of Business and Management

  • Co-creation - Student Panel on Social responsibility and community engagement - Antra Tripathi, Aisha Qadi and Azeezat Periola, with Cameron Storey and Redwan Shahid, co-chaired by Saynab Sharif and Stephanie Marshall

  • Inclusive - Student generated teaching resources as a tool to enhance inclusion and diversity - Giorgio Chianello; School of Physical and Chemical Sciences
  • Implementable - Innovation & Learning Exchange - Graham Easton, IHSE and Chris Sutton, School of Mathematical Sciences
  • Audience prize for best poster - The Stages Toolkit for Educators and Artists - Shana Swiss, Kalina Todorova, Micaela Signorelli; People’s Palace Projects

Festival theme

Our 2030 Strategy sets out our ambition to deliver ‘an outstanding, inclusive, world-class education and student experience, co-created with our diverse student body, enhanced by our world-leading research and latest technological developments’.

Excellence in student engagement is at the heart of our Strategy, and the Festival was designed as an opportunity for us to share our practice, with a focus on three strategic priorities.

Engagement for success

For example:

  • Ensuring that learning is individualised and our pedagogic development meets the needs of our diverse learners, supporting our students to progress
  • Empowering our students to engage in peer-to-peer learning, assessment and teamwork which allows students to learn from and support each other.

Engagement in the community

For example:

  • Working with partners and our local community to co-design and co-deliver education, providing students with the opportunity to apply their learning in wider society
  • Extra-curricular opportunities which engage our students in skills development that will support their ability to achieve their goals and learn and understand different cultures.

Engagement in the curriculum

For example:

  • Working in partnership with students to co-create our curricula, teaching approaches and assessment and feedback, allowing students to shape their experience
  • Supporting our students to be able to engage in, and contribute to, disciplinary conversations and communities.
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