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Queen Mary Academy

Drapers' Lecture

The Drapers' Company supports an annual lecture on learning and teaching, hosted by Queen Mary University of London


We have been honoured to welcome many distinguished speakers for the annual Drapers' Lecture.

  • 2006 Professor Marcus du Sautoy OBE - Prime-ary education: why we should tell students about the big stories of maths
  • 2007 Baroness Morris of Yardley - What is Higher Education for?
  • 2008 Professor Peter McPhee - Rethinking Undergraduate Education for the 21st Century: Creating the Melbourne Mode
  • 2009 Professor Sir Steve Smith - The Future of Higher Education: Funding and the Economy
  • 2010 Professor Sir David Watson - Higher Education and the Question of Conscience
  • 2011 Professor Sir David Weatherall - The North/South Partnership: How British Universities can Contribute to Improvements in Global Health
  • 2013 Professor Martin Bean CBE - MOOCs, Napster and the Tyranny of Conventional Wisdom: Where’s the Next Giant Leap for Higher Education?
  • 2014 Professor Graham Gibbs - What Determines Educational Quality?
  • 2015 Anne Morrison - What are we educating students for?
  • 2016 Baroness Tessa Blackstone - University challenge: can a broader curriculum help create more successful graduates?
  • 2017 Professor Jo Beall - Rights, Realities and Rebellions in International Higher Education
  • 2018 Professor Sir Chris Husbands - What lessons are there from the Teaching Excellence Framework
  • 2019 Dr Franklin A. Tuitt - Re-imagining Higher Education in Challenging Times: Designing Inclusive Learning Environments where Racial and Ethnic Minority Students Matter and Thrive
  • 2020 Nick Hillman - The Future of Higher Education and Implications for Students
  • 2021 Professor Sian Bayne - The Future of Digital Education

A recording of the 2021 Drapers' Lecture is still available. You can also access the references in this Google doc.