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Queen Mary Academy

Professor Janet De Wilde, BSc, MSc, MEd, PhD, MIET, FInstP, FIPEM, PFHEA


Director of the Queen Mary Academy

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 2367
Room Number: Department W


Janet is the Director of the Queen Mary Academy; she leads a team of dedicated staff who collaborate with a community of educators and researchers to enhance academic practice at Queen Mary and to further their professional development. She leads on strategic education projects and mentoring for both Principal Fellowship applications and the National Teaching Fellowship awards.

Janet’s current interest is in building communities based around topics such as scholarship and developing co-creation with staff and students. She enjoys coaching staff for awards and promotion applications. She has 2 main career profiles in Engineering and Academic Development. Her publications are grouped as such in the publication section.

Janet has worked in the Higher Education sector since 1988, and in academic practice development since 2005. She has enjoyed a wide range of roles including: 5 years as a Professional Engineer in industry; 10 years as co PI and research team leader in the Electrical Engineering Department at Imperial College London; 5 years as an academic in the Bioengineering Department at Imperial College; 3 years as Head of Researcher Development at Heriot-Watt; 4 years as Executive Manager of a pan university research consortium covering 6 major Scottish universities with a budget of £7 million based at Edinburgh University; 3 years in a national role at the Higher Education Academy as Head of STEM; and 5 years as Head of Postgraduate Professional Development Unit at Imperial College.


Research Interests:

Communities of Practice


Collaboration skills

Perspective taking 

Examples of research funding:

2021 £20k PI, Developing flexible ecosystems for education that support student success, Advance HE

2012 £20k PI, Mathematics in the Disciplines, British Academy

2011: £36k; PI QA of Geometric Distortion, James Maxell Foundation

2010: £300k; PI SPR-ING award over 3 years to develop online training in translational imaging, Scottish Funding Council

2010: £250k; Co-applicant with Prof Wardlaw, Prof McNamme, Prof Martin, Dr Brazelli, Prof Sandercock, Prof Muir, Prof Hadley, National Institute for Health Research, Health Technology Assessment Programme, Diagnostic Test and Test Technologies 09/22/169: An assessment of the cost-effectiveness of magnetic resonance including diffusion-weighted brain imaging in patients with transient ischaemic attack and minor stroke

2010: £1.12M; Co-applicant with Prof Wardlaw for SPIRIT award over 3 years to develop translational imaging research in Scotland, Scottish Funding Council

2010: £25k; Co-applicant with Prof Wardlaw, Dr Jane Haley, Mr Burkhard Schafer, Mr Robert Rae, Mr Donald Jarvie for “Brain Imaging and its Impact on Society”, Institute of Advance Studies,

2009: £3000; PI for PhD training, internal grant application University of Edinburgh

2009: £200K; Co-applicant with Prof Lerski for Centre of Evidence Based Purchasing, NHS PASA award over 2 years.

2008: £3000; PI for PhD training, internal grant application University of Edinburgh

1994-2005: £3.85M; Co-applicant with Prof Kitney on 11 Annual grant awards from Medical Devices Agency and Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Each annual grant was £350k,  £3.85M over 11 years


Selected Publications in Education

Cabral, A., Fuller, S., De Wilde, J., Khama, K. & Melsen, M. (2023). Curriculum enhancement through co-creation: Fostering student-educator partnerships in higher education. International Journal for Students as Partners7(2), 111–123.

Fuller, S., De Wilde, J., Clinch, M., Henderson, M., Thiagarajan, R., Shariff, S. & Edkins, T. (2023) Graduate attributes at Queen Mary:  a co-created approach, in A Case Study Compendium: Contemporary practices and initiatives in employability Editors: Norton S., & Romero-González M., Advance HE, York, UK, available from here

De Wilde, J.P. & Forasacco, E. (2023) Developing STEM Doctoral Students’ Collaboration Skills as Learning Outcomes, in Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes in Higher Education: Edited by Kayoko Enomoto; Richard Warner, & Claus Nygaard, Libri Publishing, pp91-115.

De Wilde, J.P. & Forasacco, E (2023) Enhancing Learning Outcomes for Doctoral Students through perspective-taking in safe spaces, in Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes in Higher Education: Edited by  Kayoko Enomoto, Richard Warner, & Claus Nygaard, Libri Publishing, pp205-235.

De Wilde, J., Cavalli, G., & Fuller, S. (2021) Online communities of practice for academic practice and a sense of belonging,  in  Online Communities for Doctoral Researchers and their Supervisors, Edited by Julie Sheldon and Victoria Sheppard, First Edition, New York: Routledge, 2022. e-book available here (Accessed 13/11/2021)

De Wilde, J. & Cavalli, G. (2021) Academic identity, the supervisor, and online communities of practice, in Online Communities for Doctoral Researchers and their Supervisors, Edited by Julie Sheldon and Victoria Sheppard, First Edition, New York: Routledge, 2022. e-book available here (Accessed 13/11/2021)

Lane, L. G. & De Wilde, J. (2018). The impact of coaching doctoral students at a university in London. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 16(2), 55-68.

Hulme, J.A. & De Wilde, J. (2015) Tackling transition in STEM disciplines: supporting the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics student journey into Higher Education in England and Wales. The Higher Education Academy, 2015 (Available

Selected Publications in Bioengineering

Brazzelli, M., Shuler, K., Quayyum, Z., Hadley, D., Muir, K., Mcnamee, P., De Wilde, J., M. Dennis, Sandercock, P., & Wardlaw, J.M. (2013) Clinical and imaging services for TIA and minor stroke: results of two surveys of practice across the UK, BMJ Open2013; 3: e003359 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-003359

Wardlaw, J.M., O'Connell, G., Shuler, K., De Wilde, J., Haley, J., Escobar, O., Murray, S., Rae, R., Jarvie, D., Sandercock, P., & Schafer, B. (2011) "Can it read my mind?" - What do the public and experts think of the current (Mis)Uses, of Neuroimaging? PLoS ONE 6(10): e25829. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0025829

O'Connell, G., De Wilde, J., Haley, J., Shuler, K., Schafer, B., Sandercock, P., & Wardlaw, J.M. (2011) The brain, the science, and the media. Neuroimaging in Society: legal, corporate, social and security implications. EMBO Rep. 2011 Jul 1;12:7, 630-6. doi: 10.1038/embor.2011.115.

Gowland, P., & De Wilde, J.P. (2008) Temperature increase in the fetus due to radiofrequency exposure during magnetic resonance scanning. Phys. Med. Biol. 53: L15–L18.

De Wilde, J.P., Grainger, D., Price, D.L., & Renaud, C. (2007) Current MRI Safety Issues including an analysis of Incidents Reported in the UK, Progress in NMR Spectroscopy.

Delakis, I., Petala, K., & De Wilde, J.P. (2005) MRI Receiver Frequency Response as a Contributor to Nyquist Ghosting In Echo Planar Imaging, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 22, 324–328.

De Wilde, J.P., Rivers, A.W., & Price, D. (2005) A review of the current use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pregnancy and Safety Implications for the Fetus. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 87, 335–353.

Delakis, I., Moore, E.; Leach, M., & De Wilde J.P. (2004) Developing a quality control protocol for diffusion imaging on a clinical MRI system, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 49:8, 1409–1422.

De Wilde, J.P., Price, D., Curran, J., Williams, J., & Kitney, R. (2002) Standardization of Performance Evaluation in MRI: 13 Years’ Experience of Intersystem Comparison.  Concepts in Magnetic Resonance (Magnetic Resonance Engineering) 15:1, 111-116.

Price D., De Wilde, J.P., Papadaki A.M., Curran J. & Kitney, R.I. (2001) A survey of Acoustic Noise Levels from 15 MRI Scanners, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 13, 288-293.


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