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Queen Mary Academy

Dr Emily Salines, LèsL, MèsL, PhD, SFHEA, CATE


Head of Education Programmes

Room Number: Department W


Dr Emily Salines is Head of Education Programmes. She leads the Education & Recognition team, which runs the QMA’s taught programmes, Advance HE recognition programmes, educational development workshops for educators and learner engagement programmes (including the SEED award), and also provides learning and teaching support to Faculties and Schools within the context of the 2030 strategy.

Emily’s work as an Educational Developer is informed by many years of ‘frontline’ teaching and leading programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (at Middlesex University and Royal Holloway, University of London). She has led institution-wide enhancement programmes such as TESTA and the Programme and Course Enhancement Programme at the University of Greenwich, and, in her most recent post prior to joining Queen Mary, was Academic Enhancement Lead at London College of Communication and co-led the ‘Enhancing Assessment for Equity’ strand of Academic Enhancement work across the University of the Arts London.

Emily is an Assessment and Feedback specialist, with a focus on assessment and feedback design to support learning, formative assessment, approaches to feedback, and inclusivity.

She has been an External Examiner at the University of Surrey, Roehampton University and Middlesex University. She is currently External Assessor at the University of the Creative Arts (Advance HE Fellowship programmes)


Research Interests:

Dr Emily Salines holds a University of London PhD in French and Comparative Literature and has given conference papers and published in that area. Her current research is on Assessment and Feedback with a focus on social justice, attainment and the language of feedback.

Examples of research funding:

Funded projects

  • 'Belonging through Assessment: Pipelines of Compassion’, QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project 2021-2022 (University of the Arts London, Glasgow School of Art, Leeds Arts University) – compassionate feedback strand.
  • 'Lost and Found in Translation' (in collaboration with by Dr Mark Ingham), London College of Communication, Design School, project funded by the UAL Teaching Learning and Employability Exchange, 2019-20
  • ‘The use of podcasts in teaching French politics and society’, project funded by the LLAS subject centre, 2007-2008.



  • Salines, Emily, Alchemy and Amalgam: Translation in the Works of Charles Baudelaire, Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2004.
  • Salines, Emily and Udris, Raynalle (eds), Intertextuality and Modernism in Comparative Literature, Dublin: Philomel: 2002. (Includes article ‘Intertextual Modernity, Baudelaire and Poe’s ‘Man of the Crowd’’, and co-written introduction).

 Recent articles

  • Vikki Hill, Susan Orr & Emily Salines (2023) Making meaning: An investigation into staff’s relational experience of academic development in an applied arts assessment context, International Journal for Academic Development, DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2022.2162529
  • Simon Walker, Emily Salines, Abdillahi Abdillahi, Sharon Mason, Aanesh Jadav & Catherine Molesworth (2019) Identifying and resolving key institutional challenges in feedback and assessment: a case study for implementing change, Higher Education Pedagogies, 4:1, 422-434

Recent conference papers


  • Hill, Vikki, Bunting, Liz, Currant, Neil, and Salines, Emily (2022) Grading, Care and Ethics: A Timely/Timeless Provocation. In: Educational Developers Thinking Allowed Speakeasy, 25 May 2022, St Andrews University, Online.
  • Caldwell, Cath, Clay, Siobhan, Salines, Emily, Challenging Assessment Habits. In: Assessment in Higher Education Conference 2022, 22-24 June 2022, Manchester MacDonald.
  • Greated, Marianne, Mantho, Robert, Salines, Emily, Stevens, Thea, Compassionate Feedback. In: GSA Education Conference, 8 June 2022.
  • Salines, Emily, Greated, Marianne, Mantho, Robert, Stevens, Thea, Compassionate Feedback. In: UAL Education conference, July 2022.


  • Ingham, Mark and Salines, Emily (2021) Being in Translation. In: Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse International Students in Open or Online Learning Environments: A Research Symposium​, 17-18 June 2021, University of Windsor Ontario Canada.
  • Salines, Emily, Caldwell, Cath and Clay, Siobhan, Enhancing assessment using equitable practice at University of the Arts London. In: Advance HE Assessment and Feedback Symposium 2021, 4-5 November 2021.
  • Hill, Vikki and Salines, Emily (2021) Art and Design Assessment Practices: Investigating the role of staff development in the implementation of new assessment criteria.  In: UAL Research Season 2021, 1-31 March 2021, Online.
  • Bunting, Liz and Salines, Emily (2021) Belonging through assessment: Pipelines of Compassion. In: QAA Evolving Student Engagement Conference, 29-30 June 2021, Online.
  • Salines, Emily, Addressing Distress and Disadvantage in Assessment, In: Belonging through Assessment: Pipelines of Compassion Project Launch, 10 June 2021.






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