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Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute

Faculty Publications


Notable publications by QMIPRI members
Notable publications by QMIPRI members

Recent publications by QMIPRI's members:

Aposotlos Chronopoulos:

Trade Dress Functionality: Complex Trade-Offs Between Competing Economic Considerationsin Glynn S. Lunney, Jr. (ed.) Research Handbook on the Law and Economics of Trademark Law 280-306 (2023)

Reconstructing the Complete Patent Bargain, Intellectual Property Quartly, Issue 2, 138-160, 2020

Common Law and Civil Law Approaches to Trademark Exhaustion in Europe: The Distribution Function of Trademarks, in Irene Calboli & Jane C. Ginsburg (eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of International and Comparative Trademark Law, 572-588, Cambridge University Press, (co-authored with S.M. Maniatis), 2020


Gaetano Dimita:

Mastering the Game, 2nd edition, World Intellectual Property Organisation, (Co-authored with David Greenspan), 2022

'Image Rights, Creativity and Video Games', Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, (Co-authored with A. Rizzi & N. Serrao), 2020

'Networking Technologies' in G. Dutfield & U. Suthersanen with G. Dimita and M. Mimler, Global Intellectual Property Law, (2nd edition), 2020


Garry Gabison:

'The First Sale Doctrine and Foreign Sales: The Economic Implications in the US Textbook Market', UMass L. Rev., Vol. 15, N. 2, 2020

Platform Liability in Copyright Enforcement, Columbia Science & Tech. L. Rev., Vol. 22, (Co-authored with Miriam C. Buiten), 2020

Who Holds the Right to Exclude for Machine Work Products?, Intellectual Property Quarterly, Vol. 2020, N. 1, 2020


Johanna Gibson:

Animals and Property: A Person Possessed, Book Chapter in The Routledge Handbook in Property, Law and Society, Nicole Graham, Margaret Davies & Lee Godden (eds) (Routledge 2022). ISBN 9780367688813

'The thousand-and-second tale of NFTs, as foretold by Edgar Allan Poe', 11(3), Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 249-269, 2021

'When games are the only fashion in town: Covid-19, Animal Crossing and the future of fashion', 11(2), Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 117-123, 2021

'Sine qua non-sense: Originality and the end of copyright', 10(4), Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 411-417, 2020

'No More', 10(3) Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 271-282, 2020

'Brands make believe: ethical veganism and labelling in fashion', 10(2) Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 143-151, 2020

'Where have you been? CGI film stars and reanimation horrors...', 10(1) Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 1-6, 2020

Intellectual Property, Medicine and Health, (2nd edition) Routledge, 2020

Owned, An Ethological Jurisprudence of Property. From the Cave to the Commons, Routledge, 2019


Michaela MacDonald:

 'Autonomous Agents and the Roman Law of Slavery',  in L. Edwards, B. Schafer & E. Harbinja (eds.), Future Law: Emerging Technology, Regulation and Ethics, Cambridge University Press, (Co-authored with A. Katz) 2020

'Open Source Software' in J. Holt & J. Newton (eds.), A Practical Guide to IT Law, (3rd edn.), Cambridge University, (Co-authored with A. Katz), 2020


Duncan Matthews:

Intellectual Property Rights [2022] in Christina Binder, Manfred Nowak, Jane A Hofbauer and Phillip Janig (eds.) Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights, Edward Elgar, ISBN 9781789903614

Reappraising the Relationship between Intellectual Property and Human Rights: A COVID-19 Pandemic Response [2022] in Gustavo Ghidini and Valeria Falce (eds.) Reforming Intellectual Property, Edward Elgar, ISBN 9781803922249, 149-163

Balancing Innovation, ‘Ordre Public’ and Morality in Human Germline Editing: A Call for More Nuanced Approaches in Patent Law (with Ana Nordberg and Timo Minssen) [2022] European Journal of Health Law, 1-27

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Lessons for the European Patent System [2022] European Intellectual Property Review, 44(4): 221–230

'Access to CRISPR Genome Editing Technologies: Patents, Human Rights and the Public Interest' [2021] in Carlos M Correa and Reto M Hilty (eds.) Access to Medicines and Vaccines: Implementing Flexibilities Under Intellectual Property Law, Springer Nature, 105-133

The Role of Patents and Licensing in the Governance of Human Genome Editing: A White Paper [2021] co-authored with Abbe Brown, Emanuela Gambini, Timo Minssen, Ana Nordberg, Jacob S. Sherkow, Jakob Wested, Esther van Zimmeren and Aisling McMahon, Queen Mary Law Research Paper No. 364/2021.


David Musker:

Navigating Design Law, CIPA, 2021


Uma Suthersanen:

Intellectual property and cultural heritage issues for museums of archaeological materials (with Pinar Oruç), in Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Cultural Heritage (ed. Irini Stamatoudi), Edward Elgar, 2022, pp 392-412

Creativity, Pluralism, and Fictitious Narratives: Understanding IP Law Through Karl Polanyi [2022], Queen Mary Law Research Paper No. 381/2022

‘Responding to the Global Food Fraud Crisis: What is the Role of Intellectual Property and Trade Law?' (with Graham Dutfield) in G. Ziccardi Capaldo (ed.), The Global Community Yearbook of International Law & Jurisprudence, Oxford University Press, 2021

Copinger & Skone James on Copyright (with Nicholas Caddick Q.C. and Gwilym Harbottle), Sweet & Maxwell, 18th, 2020, 1st supp., 2021

‘An Autonomous EU Functionality Doctrine for Shape Exclusions’ (with Marc Mimler), [2020] 69(6) GRUR International 567 – 2021 ECTA Award Winners

‘Cross-border Copyright Protection in Europe’ in Henning Hartwig (ed) Research Handbook on Design Law, Edward Elgar, 482-506, 2021

‘The EU Directive on Orphan Works’, (with Maria Mercedes Frabboni), in Irini Stamatoudi & Paul Torremans (eds), EU Copyright Law: A Commentary, Edward Elgar, 2nd Edition, 574-619, 2021

Dutfield & Suthersanen on Global Intellectual Property Law (with Graham Dutfield), Edward Elgar, 2nd ed., 2020

‘Pope versus Curll (1741) Revisited’ (with Graham Dutfield) in Shubha Ghosh (ed), Forgotten Intellectual Property Lore, Edward Elgar, 55-77, 2020

‘Utility models: do they really serve national innovation strategies' in Josef Drexl & Anselm Kamperman Sanders (eds), The Innovation Society and Intellectual Property, Edward Elgar, 2019

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