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Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute

Past Directors and Herchel Smith Chairs/Fellows

Past Directors/Chairs

  • James M Lahore
  • Gerald Dworkin
  • Michael Blakeney
  • Johanna Gibson
  • Duncan Matthew
  • Uma Suthersanen


Past Herchel Smith Research Fellows

  • Yvonne M. Smyth
  • Sam Ricketson
  • Yvonne Cripps
  • Jeremy Phillips
  • Peter Drahos
  • Graham Dutfield
  • Estelle Derclaye
  • Tanuja Garde
  • Mira Sundara Rajan
  • Gary Lea
  • Uma Suthersanen




Our Alumni continue to be a valuable part of the QMIPRI community and includes the following:

Read here what made their time at QMIPRI and CCLS so rewarding.

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