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Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute


Recent publications by QMIPRI's members include:

Aposotlos Chronopoulos:

Reconstructing the Complete Patent Bargain, Intellectual Property Quartly, Issue 2, (2020)

Common Law and Civil Law Approaches to Trademark Exhaustion in Europe: The Distribution Function of Trademarks, in Irene Calboli & Jane C. Ginsburg (eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of International and Comparative Trademark Law, 572-588, co-authored with S.M. Maniatis, (2020)

Gaetano Dimita:

G. Dimita, A. Rizzi & N. Serrao, 'Image Rights, Creativity and Video Games', Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (2020)

'Networking Technologies' in G. Dutfield & U. Suthersanen with G. Dimita and M. Mimler, Global Intellectual Property Law, (2nd edition) (2020)

Garry Gabison:

The First Sale Doctrine and Foreign Sales: The Economic Implications in the US Textbook Market, UMass L. Rev., Vol. 15, N. 2 (2020)

Platform Liability in Copyright Enforcement, Columbia Science & Tech. L. Rev., Vol. 22, (with Miriam C. Buiten) (2020)

Who Holds the Right to Exclude for Machine Work Products?, Intellectual Property Quarterly, Vol. 2020, N. 1 (2020)

Johanna Gibson:

Intellectual Property, Medicine and Health (2nd edition) (2020)

Owned, An Ethological Jurisprudence of Property. From the Cave to the Commons (2019)

Michaela MacDonald:

M. MacDonald & A. Katz, 'Autonomous Agents and the Roman Law of Slavery' in L. Edwards, B. Schafer & E. Harbinja (eds.) Future Law: Emerging Technology, Regulation and Ethics (2020)

M. MacDonald & A. Katz, 'Open Source Software' in J. Holt & J. Newton (eds.) A Practical Guide to IT Law (3rd edn.) (2020)

Duncan Matthews:

'Access to CRISPR Genome Editing Technologies: Patents, Human Rights and the Public Interest' (2020)

Uma Suthersanen:

Dutfield and Suthersanen on Global Intellectual Property Law (2nd edition) (2020)

Copinger and Skone James on Copyright (18th edition) (2020)


QMIPRI publications


The Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute publishes an Intellectual Property Journal, a Book Series, and the Interactive Entertainment Law Review.

Interactive Entertainment Law Review

  • The Interactive Entertainment Law Review, available on Elgar Online, is a peer-reviewed hub for legal analysis of interactive entertainment, video games, virtual/augmented/mixed realities, social media, and all related and emergent forms of digital interactive entrainment. The journal is published twice a year with articles focusing on the legal changes, challenges, and controversies in this high profile and increasingly critical area of legal inquiry.