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Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute



QMIPRI was a founding member of the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN), which was established in 1999 to facilitate and increase cooperation among IP institutions and students in Europe. EIPIN had been created in 1999 to facilitate and increase cooperation among IP institutions and students in Europe. As one means to further this aim, the participating institutions organize a series of up to three conferences to which each institution sends students who are selected at the beginning of the academic year. The other members of EIPIN were: Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Industrielle (CEIPI) at the Robert Schuman University of Strasbourg; the Magister Lucentinus at the University of Alicante; the MAS in Intellectual Property at the ETH Zurich (discontinued as of 2010/11), and the Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (Maastricht University), and the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center.

In 2017, EIPIN formed the basis of a consortium project (together with the University of Augsburg and University of Alicante) which was funded by the European Union to provide political leaders and stakeholders reliable conclusions and recommendations in the form of doctoral IP research on how to deal with the adaptive complexities of innovation cycles that secure economic benefits and uphold justice in the innovation society. The €3.8 million project, entitled the EIPIN Innovation Society (EIPIN IS) concluded in 2022. View the results of this successful network collaboration.



QMIPRI has Observer status at the WIPO, granted by the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO at the request of the Secretariat. As such, QMIPRI is entitled to attend and make interventions at WIPO meetings.


Pictured at the WIPO Signing Ceremony: Professor Duncan Matthews (Director of QMIPRI), Professor Spyros Maniatis (former Director of CCLS), Dr Francis Gurry (Director General of WIPO), Dr Karen Lee Rata (Head of Academic Institutions and Executive Programmes, WIPO Academy) and Mohammed Abderraouf Bdioui (Senior Counsellor, WIPO Academy)

In November 2014 Professor Duncan Matthews, on behalf of QMIPRI, and Professor Spyros Maniatis, on behalf of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), travelled to Geneva to sign a landmark Cooperation Agreement with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Under the terms of the Cooperation Agreement CCLS, through QMIPRI, provides WIPO with legal expertise and contributes to WIPO training activities for the benefit of developing countries.

In 2019 QMIPRI's Professor Noam Shemtov prepared a Scoping Study on Availability and Use of Intellectual Property Tools to Protect Mobile Applications for three beneficiary countries, namely Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Philippines. The Scoping Study has been developed under the Development Agenda project on Enhancing the Use of Intellectual Property in the Software Sector. A summary of the Scoping Study has been prepared by the Secretariat.

More recently, Dr. Gaetano Dimita has been part of a team which has prepared several publications on behalf of WIPO in the area of video games. See Mastering the Game (MTG) (2022) and Copyright Infringement in the Video Game Industry (2022); and Professor Uma Suthersanen was invited by WIPO to join the Ad Hoc Experts’ Committee for the 46th Inter-Governmental Committee meeting on traditional knowledge (and associated genetic resources) and traditional cultural expressions.


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