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Public Engagement

Engagement and Impact Awards

The Engagement and Impact Awards recognised and reward excellence in public engagement and impact activities happening at Queen Mary. The awards offered an opportunity to celebrate the successes of Queen Mary students, staff and their external partners, and highlight where their work has contributed to, and had an impact on, wider society.

The Engagement and Impact Awards 2021 ceremony took place on Wednesday 30 June 2021 (recap blog available here) where a total of 13 awards were made. You can read more about the categories, watch videos of the shortlisted categories, and find out the winners using the relevant sections below.

Our reward and recognition processes are changing. Check back later in the year to find out how.

Award Categories

The Engagement and Impact Awards were broken down into two main award categories: the Public Engagement Awards and the Impact Awards. Each category had six awards which were designed to celebrate the spectrum of activities happening at Queen Mary, and enable all staff and students at the University submit nominations regardless of their career stage. 

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