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Centre for Public Engagement Small Grants

The Centre for Public Engagement small grants are for projects which are in need of small amounts of money to provide budget to try something new or to support small or one-off programmes of events.

Applications can apply for a maximum of £1,000, which will be allocated competitively from each monthly round containing a total allocated pot of £2,000. The deadline for each funding round is the 15th of each month, excluding July, your application will then be considered following the closest upcoming deadline. All projects must be complete by the following July 31st due to conditions of the small awards funding source.

The panel features three members, Kimberley Freeman (Executive Officer for Public Engagement and Public Engagement Manager) Alison Thompson Lecturer in Public Engagement and Patient Public Involvement) and Peter McOwan (Vice Principal, Public Engagement and Student Enterprise). 

The panel will judge each application as successful, unsuccessful or reapply with changes, providing feedback to all applications. Reapplications are only possible for those that have been told explicitly, and in those cases following a visit to a  public engagement surgery. If a project is returned unsuccessful it may not be resubmitted, however the applicant can apply with materially different projects.

To apply, fill in the application form below, after reading the full guidance, or contact if you would like to discuss whether your activity is appropriate for this scheme.

Priority activity

The CPE Small Grants are funded from the Higher Education Innovation Funds, allocated to universities by HEFCE to support and develop knowledge-based interactions between higher education and the wider world.

Because of this the awards are designed to support activity that engages groups outside of higher education with research, so a non-academic audience must be the main focus of the activity and applications are expected to be able to demonstrate a clear link to research or learning at Queen Mary University of London.

The CPE Small Grants panel are particularly interested in:

  • Activity which involves engagement with research
  • Activity which is an example of two way engagement, or engagement led research
  • Activity which is an example of a new or innovative approach to engaging a particular audience with QM
  • Activity which focuses on a novel or hard to reach audience
  • Activity which demonstrates a novel approach to evaluation

Activity outside the remit of this scheme

The round will not fund activity which would happen without funding from the CPE. If an event or activity has already been advertised it will be deemed as ineligible as it will be judged to be going ahead without CPE funding. 

The round will only fund catering costs where it is shown that these are integral to the event, with evidence of a sound methodology or critical thinking behind the request. Where catering is funded this must be carried out within QMUL’s hospitality guidelines.

There are further criteria for these awards which can be found in the guidelines for small grants (Small award guidence [PDF 268KB]). Applicants should read these carefully before making an application to ensure that their activity is eligible for funding.

Departmental Budget Code

If you are successful you will need to provide a departmental budget code. Please note that funding codes for the grant to be transferred to cannot be an EDA code. If you are unsure of which budget code to use, please speak to your departmental financial administrator. 

The deadline for these applications is the 15th of each month, after which applications will be considered in the following month's round.

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