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Public Engagement

Public Engagement at Queen Mary

Queen Mary University of London has a long history of public engagement, dating back to our origins as the People’s Palace in 1887. Today we are proud to be an institution that remains committed to connecting with our local community. We strive to create an environment where our University’s research, teaching, and other core business can be shaped, shared, and conducted with the public as partners in this process. 

Our approach

Our approach to public engagement is based on our strong community links, and our desire to be an engaged university and a good neighbour. We believe that everyone at Queen Mary can work with people outside the university in a mutually beneficial way.

The Queen Mary Strategy 2030 highlights our commitment to engagement, including it as a contribution to one of the three pillars of research excellence: ‘We will build on our core values to further embed a culture of engaged research practice creating an environment where research can be shaped, conducted, and results disseminated with the public as partners, at home and overseas

But public engagement at Queen Mary is goes beyond engaged research to include curriculum development and teaching, and engagement with other core business of the university, such as our sustainability work and library services. We strongly believe that by being open, inclusive, and collaborative in our work, we can achieve excellence throughout the university and create social impact for all the communities involved. 

This page focuses specifically on our approach to public engagement. If you’re interested in outreach, or getting involved in media, take a look at our Additional Teams of Interest page.

Our vision

Our ambition is to embed public and community engagement across all aspects of university life. We want our staff and students to have access to the highest quality support and to be able to utilise that support to intergrate public and community engagement into their work at Queen Mary. 

Our support

We understand that to achieve our public engagement ambition at Queen Mary, we need to support our staff, students and communities through this process. The Centre for Public Engagement (CPE) was established in 2012 to help us achieve this goal and Queen Mary was awarded a 'Gold Engage Watermark' by the NCCPE in 2016. 

But we recognise we still have more to do. We aim to build on this success, enhancing our support for public engagement across the University, and broadening our work with communities locally, nationally and internationally to engage with new groups whilst also strengthening the connections we already have.

The CPE works to embed public engagement within the university by:

  • Removing barriers to engagement through providing advice and support, training, and providing funding for staff and students at Queen Mary
  • Celebrating the excellent work underway
  • Advocating for an engaged Queen Mary
  • Building relationships within the local community
  • Championing the need for engaged universities at a national level

You can find out more about the team on the Centre for Public Engagement page, or visit the homepage to see our portfolio of activities.

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