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Public Engagement

Evaluation Toolkit


The Public Engagement Evaluation Toolkit is designed to make it easy to evaluate the design, execution and impact of public engagement with research. Find out how to design an evaluation and discover tools that will enrich your engagement whilst providing you with opportunities to evaluate what works. 


You can download it below:


Evaluation Toolkit Parts 1 and 2 [PDF 17,481KB]


Evaluation Toolkit Part 3 [PDF 16,466KB]

"The Evaluation Toolkit helped us to think of new innovative, engaging ways of monitoring attendees to our events as well as gauging their understanding of our message. It also sparked us to re-think what feedback we wanted to gain from our event to help us develop in the future"

Scarlett Gillespie, Think you're Immune to Trauma? Large Grant Awardee 2017 


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