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Public Engagement

2022/23 Blog Posts

Alexander Gould, a white man with curly brown hair, presenting to the tour group on the bank of the Thames next to the Tower of London. In the background is the river, buildings including the Shard, large trees and blue sky. ‘Early Modern Latin in London’ Walking Tours
25 July 2023

Rebecca Menmuir, a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary, writes about a walking tour she co-developed with the Society for Neo-Latin Studies, supported by a Centre for Public Engagement Small Grant.

The cover of the book 'Our Stories Told by Us: Celbrating the African contribution to the UK HIV response'. The cover includes an outline of Africa in red on a blue and yellow swirled patterned cover. Reigniting the HIV conversation
14 July 2023

A piece written by Rebecca Mbewe - research assistant with the SHARE collaborative at Wolfson Institute of Population Health, QMUL. Rebecca comes from a community engagement background and brings with her a wealth of experience into the research field. She writes about some of the more recent work that she has been involved in – a book which she co-authored with four other Black African Women ‘Our Stories Told By Us’

‘Secular Celebrations: Then & Now’ Being Human Festival 2022
19 June 2023

Clare Stainthorp writes about creating an event for last year's Being Human Festival. If you're feeling inspired, find out more about taking part in Being Human 2023.

Two actors stand on a stage in front of a projected image saying 'Secrets of the London Yiddish Stage'. One wears a top hat, waistcoat and bow tie, whilst the other wears a shawl, headscarf and apron. Secrets of the London Yiddish Stage
24 March 2023

Vivi Lachs writes about creating an event for last year's Being Human Festival. If you're feeling inspired, find out more about taking part in Being Human 2023.

Children's drawings representing their feelings about mental health. Felt tip pen drawings on white paper showing pictures of trees, sunshine, hearts, smiling and unhappy emojis, clouds and rainbows accompanied by words like, mental health, calm, happy, joy, take a walk. What colour are you feeling today? Using the arts to explore mental health in the classroom
3 March 2023

In this blog, Small Grant recipient Caitlin Aspinall writes about a workshop QMUL researchers ran with local school children to design a logo for the Youth Resilience Unit.

Children playing a card matching game with researchers at the Festival of Communities Happy Healthy Minds: a public engagement activity at the Festival of Communities
3 February 2023

In this blog, Giorgia Michelini and students from QMUL write about the activity they ran at the Festival of Communities in 2022. If you would like to get involved in this year's Festival the call for activities is now open.

Students sitting in groups at tables watching a live-stream presentation on a projector screen. Wild-Live Streaming Makes A Splash! A CPE Large Grant Project
5 January 2023

In this blog, find out more about the Wild-Live Streaming project funded by the CPE's 2021-22 Large Grants scheme.

CPE Small Grant: Bengali Resistance in the East End
5 December 2022

In this blog Small Grant recipient Ansar Ahmed Ullah writes about his project on 1970s anti-racist activism; ‘Bengali Resistance in the East End’. 

How can researchers better engage with people from minoritised communities in health research?
14 October 2022

The CPE Small Grants scheme has reopened for the academic year so we wanted to share reflections from previous recipients of the grants. 

The following reflection is written by Ratna Sohanpal from the INCLUDED study who was awarded a Public Engagement Small Grant in February 2022.

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