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Festival of Communities

Festival of Communities

We’re sorry to announce that the Festival of Communities 2021 will not be running this year. 

We have made this difficult decision based on many discussions with community organisations and Queen Mary staff and students who we collaborate with to run the Festival.
The health and well-being of our communities - our contributors from within Queen Mary and our local communities, our local businesses who provide logistical support, our residents who come along, and our wider neighbourhoods is our top priority, and we’re simply not at a stage where we know enough about what the future holds with the Covid-19 pandemic to safely run the Festival that we’d all like to see.  

We understand that this will be disappointing to many who had been looking forward to the Festival of Communities this year. We thank you for your continued support for the Festival, and for each other 

Let’s try to look forward to better times ahead - we are planning for the Festival of Communities to return on 11th and 12th June 2022, and we look forward to celebrating with you all then.