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Public Engagement

Festival of Communities

The Festival of Communities is a collaboration between Queen Mary and local community groups and organisations. It brings together people across the borough to explore living and learning in Tower Hamlets, building connections within our community.

The Festival brings together a range of hands-on, family friendly activities which are designed to help local people learn something new or try something different and to provide an opportunity to meet and interact with people they haven't met before. Activities are run by Queen Mary staff and students, showcasing the research and services of the University, and by local groups within Tower Hamlets, showcasing organisations, services, and activities happening in the borough.

Getting involved at the Festival of Communities

As part of the Festival, we are always looking for students and staff at Queen Mary to run activities that showcase the work they're involved in. To enable you to get involved, we've developed a suite of Festival-specific support options that the CPE run on the lead-up to the event which include a Festival Information Webinar, Festival Advice Surgeries, and training on 'How to design a Festival of Communities activity'. 

For details on how to get involved, head over to the Festival of Communities page

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