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Origins and impact of Brexit

NEXTEUK analyses the roots of Brexit and its implications for European integration and British politics. Various outputs have been produced by the NEXTEUK team and project in this respect:

  • 2019

- Pauline Schnapper, Tim Bale, Helen Drake, Sarah Wolff - "What's next for British Democracy?": What's next for British Democracy?

- Adam Fagan, Stijn van Kessel, Tim Bale, Simona Guerra, Carlo Ruzza, Sandra Seubert - "Mobilising Around Europe: Pro and Anti-EU Politics in an Era of Populism":

- Stijn van Kessel, Saskia Hollander, Matt Qvortrup, Mario Mendez - "Referendums in Europe: people power or political elite device?": Referendums in Europe: people power or political elite device?



  • 2020

- Stijn van Kessel et al. – “Eager to Leave? Populist Radical Right Parties' Responses to the UK's Brexit Vote” :

- Tim Bale (with Webb, P.) – “Labour leadership race” :

- Stella Ladi – “Los británicos deciden en las urnas si se regalan el 'brexit' por Navidad” :

- Tim Bale – “Will the new Tory intake help to build a more progressive party? Don't count on it” :

- Tim Bale – “Labour leadership: Tories fear just one candidate as expert makes stunning prediction”:

- Humaira Mahmud – “Brexit: The scapegoating of the EU for the failures of British Neoliberalism?” :

- Paul Copeland – “A Post Covid-19 EU Needs to Rethink its Model of Economic Integration or it May Become Increasingly Unstable” :

- Tabitha Baker– “Geographical nature of post-referendum polarisation in the UK”: http://https/

- Stijn van Kessel – “The anti-Brexit movement: failing to Remain (united)” :

- Tim Bale –“What is Keir Starmer up to over a Brexit Extension?”:

- John Ryan – “No deal Brexit Its (damaging) consequences for Ireland and the future UK-US trade deal” :

- Roger Liddle – “Heading for a Disaster, How Britain’s Brexit collision course with the European Union will exacerbate the Covid crisis” :

- Gulay Icoz – “Reckless and Hasty— three Brexit moments and three UK PMs” :

- Marcos Gonzalez Hernando, Stella Ladi, Patrick Diamond, Catherine Fieschi - "The future of British think tanks:

- Claude Moraes, Violeta Moreno-Lax, Susanne Oberhauser, Nicole Sykes, Sarah Wolff, Valsamis Mitsilegas, Sabine Saurugger - "Turbulent times for the freedom of movement in Europe? The impact of Brexit and Pandemic Politics”: Videos of the NEXTEUK International Conference

- Agnès Alexandre-Collier, Franco Zappettini, Luca Augé, Gulay Icoz, Stijn van Kessel, Sofia Vasilopoulou, Agathe Piquet - "British Euroscepticism and populism": Videos of the NEXTEUK International Conference

- Marja-Liisa Öberg, Benjamin Martill, Amelia Hadfield, Nicholas Wright, Sarah Wolff  - "The ‘Brexit Moment’ in EU External Action": Videos of the NEXTEUK International Conference


  • 2021

- Davor Jancic – “The UK-EU Trade Deal: Five Important Implications for the UK Parliament”:

- Tim Bale – “Great expectations: the challenges ahead for the Conservative Party” :

- Tim Bale - “Northern Research Group: faction or tendency?” :

- Jeanne Boillot - “The Lessons of Brexit by Michel Barnier: What Illusion Are We Talking About?”

- Jeanne Boillot - A (dis-) United Kingdom? The 2021 Scottish Elections in the Post-Brexit Process” based on Michael Keating, Nicola McEwen, Fiona Simpkins, Agathe Piquet A (dis-) United Kingdom? The 2021 Scottish elections in the post-Brexit process

Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Robert Saunders, Agathe Piquet - "Brexit and the state of British Democracy": (Virtual) Coffee and Politics: Brexit and the State of British Democracy

- Brigid Laffan - "The future of the EU in a post-Brexit and post-COVID era": The future of the EU in a post-Brexit and post-COVID era: a conversation with Brigid Laffan

- Anand Menon - "The UK in a post-Brexit and post-COVID changing Europe": The UK in a post-Brexit and post-COVID changing Europe: a conversation with Anand Menon

- Philip Rycroft - "The decision-making of Brexit": The decision-making of Brexit: a conversation with Philip Rycroft

- Frédéric Mérand - "Brexit from an international relations perspective": Brexit from an international relations perspective: a conversation with Frédéric Mérand


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