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Special Issue:  "Beyond de-Europeanisation: Analysing the Multiple Trajectories of British Politics and Policies after Brexit"

Agathe Piquet and Sarah Wolff, co-investigators of the NEXTEUK project, have coordinated a Comparative European Politics Special Issue revisiting the concept of disengagement and deuropeanization and expanding it with the notions of continued engagement and re-engagement. Based on various public policy case studies the project shows that Brexit is not necessarily the end of the EU's influence and that the UK is likely to converge with EU legislation by necessity or by choice in some policy fields. 

The whole Special Issue will be accessible on

Table of contents: 

  1. "Post-Brexit Europeanization: re-thinking the continuum of British policies, polity, and politics trajectories" by Sarah Wolff & Agathe Piquet
  2. "David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the ‘populist hypothesis’ in the British Conservative Party" by Agnès Alexandre-Collier

  3. "Borders and identities in NI after Brexit: remaking Irish–UK relations" by Barry Colfer & Patrick Diamond

  4. "Regulatory Strings that Bind and the UK Parliament after Brexit" by Davor Jancic
  5. "The post-Brexit narrative of the British Council, re-engagement through culture" by Anne-Laure Riotte

  6. "UK’s withdrawal from Justice and Home Affairs: a historical institutionalist analysis of policy trajectories" by Sarah Wolff, Agathe Piquet & Helena Farrand Carrapico 

Special Issue: "Pandemic Politics and European Union responses"

Sarah Wolff, main investigator of the NEXTEUK project, and Stella Ladi, member of the NEXTEUK steering committee, have coordinated a Journal of European Integration Special Issue on "Pandemic Politics and European Union responses". They introduce in this video the goals of this Special Issue and the main results, and are followed by the presentation of their article by some of the scholars having contributed to this collective research. 

The whole Special Issue is accessible on

Table of contents: 

  1. "European Union Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic: adaptability in times of Permanent Emergency" by Sarah Wolff & Stella Ladi  
  2. "EU economic governance and Covid-19: policy learning and windows of opportunity" by Stella Ladi & Dr Dimitris Tsarouhas
  3. "The development of EU health policy and the Covid-19 pandemic: trends and implications" by Eleanor Brooks & Robert Geyer
  4. "Sizing up the competition: explaining reform of European Union competition policy in the Covid-19 era" by Sophie Meunier & Justinas Mickus
  5. "The Covid-19 crisis: a critical juncture for EU climate policy development?" by Claire Dupont, Sebastian Oberthür & Ingmar von Homeyer
  6. "Discursive continuity and change in the time of Covid-19: the case of EU cybersecurity policy" by Helena Carrapico & Benjamin Farrand
  7. "Framing immobility: Schengen governance in times of pandemics" by Sarah Wolff, Ariadna Ripoll Servent & Agathe Piquet
  8. "Loyal at once? The EU’s global health awakening in the Covid-19 pandemic" by Louise van Schaik, Knud Erik Jørgensen & Remco van de Pas
  9. "Integration through (case) law in the context of the Euro area and Covid-19 crises: courts and monetary answers to crises" by Sabine Saurugger & Fabien Terpan
  10. "Theorizing institutional change and governance in European responses to the Covid-19 pandemic" by Vivien A. Schmidt 


Individual research articles

  • Agathe Piquet - "Européanisation, désengagement ou déseuropéanisation ? La coopération policière post-Brexit », Politique européenne, 2021, 73 (3), pp. 58-88 :
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