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Dr Stella Ladi


Reader in Public Management / School of Business and Management


Dr. Stella Ladi is a senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and an assistant professor at Panteion University in Athens. She previously worked as a lecturer at University of Sheffield and University of Exeter. She has also been a Research Fellow at the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI). She has acted as a public policy expert at the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Aegean, Greece. In July 2002 she completed her PhD thesis at the University of York.   Her research interests include the Eurozone crisis, public policy and public administration reforms, Europeanization, global governance and the role of experts in public policy. She has published in journals such as Regulation and Governance, Public Administration, West European Politics, New Political Economy, Comparative European Politics and Political Studies Review. She is co-convenor of the Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) of the Political Studies Association (PSA).

Dr Stella Ladi's full staff profile.


Research Interests:

  • Europeanization, De-Europeanization and Disintegration
  • EU and International organizations (eg, ILO, WTO)
  • Eurozone crisis and South Europe


Ladi, S. and Tsarouhas, D. (2017), “The International Diffusion of Regulatory Governance: EU Actorness in Public Procurement ” Regulation and Governance (early view).  

Ladi, S., and Tsarouhas, D. (2014) “The Politics of Austerity and Public Policy Reform in the EU”, Political Studies Review, 12. 2: 171-80. (available at:

Ladi S. (2014), “Austerity Politics and Administrative Reform: The Eurozone Crisis and its Impact upon Greek Public Administration” Comparative European Politics, 12.2: 184-208. (available at

Tsarouhas, D. and Ladi, S. (2013), “Globalization and/or Europeanization? The Case of Flexicurity”, New Political Economy, 18. 4: 480-502 (available at

Ladi, S. (2011), “Policy Change and Soft Europeanization: The Transfer of the Ombudsman Institution to Greece, Cyprus and Malta”, Public Administration, 89. 4: 1643-1663.

Public Engagement

  • Member of research team of the project “Democracy in Times of Crisis: Power and Discourse in a Three-Level Game”, Portuguese National Funding Agency for Science, Research and Technology (Project ref: PTDC/IVC-CPO/2247/2014), 4/4/16 ongoing.
  • Newton Mobility Grant, British Academy (NG140035) with Dimitris Tsarouhas, Bilkent University for the project “Global Governance Transformed: Explaining the Nexus Between International Organizations and the European Union”, 23/3/15 to 22/7/16 (10.000 pounds).
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