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Future of the EU-UK relation

NEXTEUK offers forward-looking analysis on the future of the EU-UK relationship and formulating policy-relevant recommendations.Various outputs have been produced by the NEXTEUK team and project in this respect. 


  • 2020

- Antonio Astolfi -  “Negotiating Brexit: What Implications for the EU and Future EU-UK Relations?”: based on Insights from Negotiating Strategies - Roundtable highlights

- Tim Bale – “The virus is changing politics, but there are opportunities as well as risks” :

- Tim Bale – “A Brexit extension would face serious opposition even during coronavirus”:

- Agathe Piquet – “Brexit politics in times of pandemic: The growing lack of understanding between the EU and the UK”:

- Roger Liddle - "EU-UK negotiations: is the UK heading for disaster?Philip Rycroft – “Where are we at? The EU-UK negotiations so far and future challenges”:

- Agathe Piquet – “The post-Brexit police cooperation: An act of tightrope walk”:

- Agathe Piquet – “The EU-UK future police cooperation: The difficult balancing between operational needs and legal frameworks” :

- Stella Ladi, Sarah Wolff, Justinas Mickus, Paul Copeland, Elaine Fahey, Agathe Piquet - “The impact of COVID-19 on the EU-UK relations”: Videos of the NEXTEUK International Conference

- Anand Menon, Patrick Le Galès, Elvire Fabry, Sarah Wolff, Agathe Piquet - "Negotiating the future EU-UK relations in the times of pandemic": Video: Negotiating the Future EU-UK Relationship in times of Pandemics

- Ruben Zaiotti, Sarah Wolff - "European integration and the future of EU-UK relations in times of COVID-19": In conversation with Dr. Ruben Zaiotti (Dalhousie University) - Episode 3: NEXTEUK Virtual Seminar Series online, European integration and the future of EU-UK relations in times of COVID-19


  • 2021

- Agathe Piquet - « Européanisation, désengagement ou déseuropéanisation ? La coopération policière post-Brexit », Politique européenne, 2021, 73 (3), pp. 58-88 :

- Tinahy Andriamasomanana– The impact of the US Elections on Europe and the Future EU-UK Relationship” : based on Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Christian Lequesne, Richard Johnson, Sarah Wolff The impact of the US elections on Europe and the future EU-UK relationship

- Louise van Schaik, Remco van de Pas, Anna Holzscheiter, Valsamis Mitsilegas, Sarah Wolff - "EU and UK health and vaccination strategies in times of Covid-19: (mis)trust and politics": EU and UK health and vaccination strategies in times of Covid-19: (mis)trust and politics

- Tim Bale, Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus? Has the Tory Party finally chosen between Europe and America?


  • 2022

- Agathe Piquet, Sarah Wolff, Beyond de-Europeanisation: Analysing the Multiple Trajectories of British Politics and Policies after Brexit

- Sarah Wolff, Agathe Piquet, Post-Brexit Europeanization: re-thinking the continuum of British policies, polity, and politics trajectories

- Davor Jancic, Regulatory Strings that Bind and the UK Parliament after Brexit

- Sarah Wolff, Agathe Piquet & Helena Farrand Carrapico, UK’s withdrawal from Justice and Home Affairs: a historical institutionalist analysis of policy trajectories

- Jacob Hickey, EU-UK relations and Global Order in 2022

- Stijn van Kessel, Populism, Brexit and Euroscepticism

- Agathe Piquet, Sarah Wolff (with Helena Farrand Carrapico), Moving on without U(K): the post-Brexit Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

- Jeremy Woloszyn, The Future of the Polish Diaspora After Brexit

- Deborah Deane, The Brave New World of Financial Services

- Gilsun Jeong, Brexit and Right-Wing Euroscepticism in the European Parliament

- Hyunpyo Hong, The Aftermath of Brexit: Implications for the UK Services Trade Policy

- Debanjali Gosh, Brexit and Higher Education: The Trajectory of India’s Relationship with the UK

- Nemanja Purić, Two Steps Back, One Forward: Institutional Links Between the UK and the EU After Brexit

- Eva Lopez, Deconstructing Crisis: Insights of Europe - Theoretical Considerations for Living in a Permanent Emergency

- Angélica Szucko, UK-Mercosur Relations from a South American Perspective

- Orlaith Rice, Beyond Economics: How the Northern Ireland Protocol affects the ‘Irish Question’

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