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Additional research: COVID-19 and EU integration

The NEXTEUK team and project has produced additional outputs on the pandemic and EU integration and policies, such as:



  • 2019 - 2020:

- Stella Ladi, Amandine Crespy - “In the Name of ‘the People’? Popular Sovereignty and the 2015 Greek Referendum” :

- Paul Copeland – “Governance and the European Social Dimension: Politics, Power and the Social Deficit in a Post-2010 EU” :

- Zaneta Bialek – “The consequences of COVID-19 on the political situations in Hungary and Poland” :http://http/

- Sarah Wolff – “EU-China relations in the context of COVID-19” : http://https/

- Stella Ladi, Sarah Wolff – “European Union Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic: Adaptability in Times of Permanent Emergency”:

- Sarah Wolff, Ariadna Ripoll Servent, Agathe Piquet  - “Framing immobility: Schengen governance in times of pandemics”:

- Stella Ladi, Dimitris Tsarouhas – “EU Economic Governance and Covid-19: Policy Learning and Windows of Opportunity” :

- Tim Bale, Alan Wagner – “Are lockdown-scepticism and Euroscepticism linked?”:

- Stijn van Kessel, Javier Sajuria, Steven M. Van Hauwert – “Informed, Uninformed or Misinformed? A Cross-national Analysis of Populist Party Supporters Across European Democracies” :

- Stella Ladi, Catherine Moury, Daniel Cardoso, Angie Gago – “Capitalising on External Constraint: Six Things you Should Know about Eurozone Bailouts”:

- Stijn van Kessel, Javier Sajuria, Steven M. Van Hauwaert – “Reasons behind support for populist parties” : http://https/

- Samuel Kolawole – “Could nationalism gain momentum in a post-Angela Merkel Europe?”:

- Sarah Wolff – “Urban Geopolitics and the Decentring of Migration Diplomacy in EU-Moroccan Affairs”:

 - Stella Ladi, Davor Jancic, Agathe Piquet, Tim Bale, Sarah Wolff - "COVID-19: perspectives from Greece, Serbia, France, the UK, the Netherlands": COVID-19: perspectives from Greece, Serbia, France, the UK, the Netherlands - Episode 2: NEXTEUK Virtual Seminar Series online, European integration and the future of EU-UK relations in times of COVID-19

- Podcasts "Pandemic Politics: A Student View of the EU in the Time of Corona": Podcasts


  • 2020-2021:

- Jonathan Diaz – “Towards more “E-volved” Democracy: An exploration of digital governance in Estonia and the lessons it holds for strengthening democracy in the United States”:

- Griffin Shiel - “The Emergency Relocation Scheme: A Burden Sharing Failure”:

- Stijn van Kessel, Koen Abts, Emmanuel Dalle Mulle, Elie Michel – “The welfare agenda of the populist radical right in Europe: Combining chauvinism, producerism, and populism”:

- Violeta Moreno-Lax – “A New Common European Approach to Search and Rescue? Entrenching Proactive Containment”:

- Jeanne Boillot - "Lessons from the Eurozone crisis: EMU limitations and national bargaining": based on Stefanie Walter, Stella Ladi, Catherine Moury, Matthias Matthijs, Paul Copeland, Sarah Wolff Lessons from the Eurozone crisis: EMU limitations and national bargaining

- Rogier Creemers, Stephanie Balme, Matthieu Burnay - "China’s AI Revolution and its Implications for Europe": China’s AI Revolution and its Implications for Europe

- Brigid Laffan - "The future of the EU in a post-Brexit and post-COVID era": The future of the EU in a post-Brexit and post-COVID era: a conversation with Brigid Laffan

- Stella Ladi (with Sarah Wolff), The EU Institutional Architecture in the Covid-19 Response: Coordinative Europeanization in times of Permanent Emergency

- Stella Ladi (with Angelos Angelou, Dimitra Panagiotatou), Evidence-informed Policies and Public Trust during the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • 2021-2022

- Peter van Kemseke - "Europe Reinvented. How COVID19, and other crises, are changing the European Union": Europe Reinvented

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