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Enrolment at Queen Mary

Collecting your student ID & what should you bring?

In September and once you are fully or temporarily enrolled you will receive an email inviting you to collect your Student ID card during an allocated time slot. You will need to bring this email with you if you wish to collect your card. 


Whilst most teaching is online during Semester A, collection of your ID card is optional and completely dependent upon your circumstances as to whether you wish to attend campus to pick it up. If you do choose to collect your card, you will need to bring with you the email that you receive inviting you to attend ID card collection as it contains a personal QR code. We will scan the QR code which enables us to print your ID card for you there and then. You can show us the email and QR code either on your phone/electronic device or you can print it out. 


Please note that if you cannot visit campus during your allotted time slot to pick up you card then we will not be able to post it to you. However, you will have the opportunity to collect it at specified times during Semester A via the Student Enquiry Centre, or in January 2021 (dates and times for collection will be communicated to you). 


When you enrol you'll be given your student ID and access to the Library and other facilities on campus; don't worry if it doesn't work right away, all cards should be working within an hour of activation! 

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