School of Law

Dr Daniel Wang, PhD (LSE); MSc (LSE); LLM (University of Sao Paulo); LLB (University of Sao Paulo); BA in Social Sciences (University of Sao Paulo)


Lecturer in Health and Human Rights

Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Daniel Wang is a Lecturer in Health and Human Rights. Before joining the School of Law at Queen Mary he was a LSE Post-doctoral Fellow (2012-2013) and taught at the University of Sao Paulo and at the Brazilian National School of Public Administration.

Wang’s research interest include Human Rights Law; Medical Law and Constitutional Law.

Postgraduate Teaching

  • QLLM078 Mental Health Law
  • ICM 7111 Human Rights and Public Health


  • Human Rights Law
  • Medical Law
  • Constitutional Law


List of selected publications

Download Dr Daniel Wang's full CV [PDF 130KB]


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