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New book analyses competition law and intellectual property in China

Professor Ioannis Kokkoris and Professor Spyros Maniatis co-edit this new volume published by Oxford University Press

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Professor Ioannis Kokkoris (Queen Mary), Professor Spyros Maniatis (British Institute of International and Comparative Law) and Professor Xiaoye Wang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) have co-edited a new book on Competition Law and Intellectual Property in China (OUP).

About the book

The edited volume will adopt a thematic approach to some controversial issues in the area of competition law and IP in China and will include contributions from leading academics and practitioners. The combination of the editors as well as the contributors' expertise on competition and IP law, and their practical experience and perspectives, guarantees that the book will present a high quality up to date, detailed analysis of the different perspectives that these jurisdictions take in the enforcement of competition and IP law.

The volume discusses the current trends as well as the future challenges of the enforcement in these areas. The book aims to further the understanding of these controversial and fast paced issues by offering insights and recommendations on the basis of a comprehensive and thoughtful analysis. It therefore aims to become the ultimate point of reference to scholars, law and policy makers, and other stakeholders.

Read more about the book on OUP website.

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