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School of Law

SOLM139 Insurance Regulation

Module Description

This module examines the regulation of insurance. It considers the nature of risk in insurance business, the international standards and their influence on the development of the relevant EU law and UK law, and in detail the UK approach to insurance regulation. It covers a wide range of issues –most notably, the structure of the regulator and the rules applicable to the regulation of insurance business (companies that provide insurance and intermediaries whose job is to  facilitate insurance contracts), macro- and micro-prudential requirements & solvency rules, conduct of business rules, the resolution of systemically important insurers (financial resolution) and the impact of technology on the provision of insurance services as well as on the regulation of the insurance sector. The Insurance Regulation module provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of the regulation of insurance and an understanding of the practical issues confronting lawyers and insurance companies and brokers. Furthermore, the module encourages you to analyse areas of difficulty in the law and to apply your knowledge and critical abilities to factual problems.

Applicable Groupings


30 Credits

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