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Tale of how imprisonment shaped Irish political events begins with a paradox

Professor Séan McConville was featured in The Irish News 

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Seán McConville, Professor of Law and Public Policy at Queen Mary provides one of the most comprehensive accounts of the Northern Ireland troubles to date. The newly published third volume of his book reveals that the prisoners’ involvement and consent to the Good Friday Agreement was critical to ending the decades-long conflict. Séan McConville has been featured in the Irish News where he reflects on his experiences researching the series and how imprisonment shaped political events throughout. He writes: "From the outset I knew I needed to go beyond the thousands of records and documents we had to trawl. The intent was to describe the human dimensions of extraordinary times and places. There was indeed an intensive examination of Irish and British archives, public and private records, memoirs and diaries and the like. But the book had to be given further depth through a range of interviews and conversations."

Read the full piece on The Irish News.

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