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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item  Paper
1. Welcome, apologies and declarations of interests N/A

2. Chair's update

TO NOTE an update from the Chair

Oral report

3. President and Principal's report

TO CONSIDER a report from the President and Principal


4. QMSU President's report

TO CONSIDER a report from the QMSU President and the minutes of the MoA Review Panel

QM2023-35 [PDF 987KB]

5. Deep dive presentation

TO CONSIDER a deep dive presentation on student employability 


6. Access and Participation Plan

TO APPROVE the draft Access and Participation Plan


7. Strategy KPIs and Strategic Risk Register

TO CONSIDER an update on the strategy KPIs and the Strategic Risk Register


8. Finance and Investment Committee

a) TO NOTE the minutes of the Finance and Investment Committee

b) TO NOTE an update on the current financial position

c) TO APPROVE the 2024-25 budget; and TO NOTE the financial forecasts 

d) TO APPROVE the updated infrastructure plan

e) TO CONSIDER the QMSU financial statements 2022-23 and the mid-year accounts 





QM2023-43 [PDF 1,062KB]


9. Staff casework annual report

TO CONSIDER compliance with Ordinance B


10. Senate

a) TO CONSIDER the minutes of Senate; and TO APPROVE an update to Ordinance B

b) TO CONSIDER the student casework annual report

QM2023-45 [PDF 382KB]

QM2023-46 [PDF 242KB]


11. Audit and Risk Committee

TO CONSIDER the minutes of the Audit and Risk Committee


12. Minutes of the last meeting

TO CONFIRM the minutes of the last meeting

QM2023-48 [PDF 146KB]

13. Matters arising

TO NOTE the matters arising from the last meeting

QM2023-49 [PDF 160KB]

14. Use of the Common Seal

TO NOTE documents sealed under the authority of Council

QM2023-50 [PDF 114KB]

15. Agenda for the next meeting

TO NOTE the draft agenda for the next meeting

QM2023-51 [PDF 99KB]
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