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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item Paper
1. Welcome, apologies and declaration of interests N/A

2. Chair's update

TO NOTE an update from the Chair

Oral report

3. President and Principal's report

TO CONSIDER a report from the President and Principal


4. QMSU President's report

TO CONSIDER a report from the QMSU President, including the minutes of the MoA Review Panel

QM2023-15 [PDF 750KB]

5. Deep dive presentation

TO CONSIDER a deep dive on the University's social and economic impact


6. Finance and Investment Committee

a) TO NOTE the minutes of Finance and Investment Committee

b) TO NOTE an update on the current financial position

c) TO APPROVE a business case on the ITL building





7. Audit and Risk Committee

a) TO NOTE the minutes of Audit and Risk Committee

b) TO CONSIDER the Audit Committee annul report

c) TO APPROVE Council's Letter of Representation to the external auditor

d) TO CONSIDER the external audit annual report

e) TO APPROVE the financial statements 2022-23

f) TO CONSIDER the internal audit annual report

g) TO CONSIDER the fire, health and safety annual report

h) TO APPROVE the Prevent Duty annual monitoring return


QM2023-20 [PDF 276KB]



QM2023-23 [PDF 4,224KB]


QM2023-25 [PDF 654KB]

QM2023-26 [PDF 295KB]


8. Senate

a) TO CONSIDER the minutes of Senate

b) TO APPROVE the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech

QM2023-27 [PDF 290KB]

QM2023-28 [PDF 586KB]


9. Remuneration Committee

TO APPROVE the Remuneration annual report

QM2023-29 [PDF 215KB]

10. Minutes of the last meeting 

TO CONFIRM the minutes of the meeting held on 05 October 2023

QM2023-30 [PDF 130KB]

11. Matters arising

TO NOTE the matters arising

QM2023-31 [PDF 110KB]

12. Use of the Common Seal

TO NOTE the use of the common seal since the last meeting

QM2023-32 [PDF 115KB]

13. Agenda for the next meeting

TO NOTE the draft agenda for the next meeting

QM2023-33 [PDF 100KB]
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