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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item Paper
1. Welcome, apologies and declaration of interests N/A

2. Chair's update

TO NOTE an update from the Chair

Oral report

3. President and Principal's report

TO CONSIDER a report from the President and Principal




4. QMSU President's report

TO CONSIDER a report from the QMSU President including the minutes of the MoA Review Panel

QM2023-02 [PDF 1,698KB]

5. Strategic Risk Register

TO CONSIDER an update on the Strategic Risk Register and KPIs


6. Deep dive

TO CONSIDER a deep dive on the university's financial model 




7. Teaching Excellence Framework

TO CONSIDER an update on the National Student Survey (NSS) and Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) outcomes




8. Finance and Investment Committee

a) TO NOTE the minutes of the Finance and Investment Committee 

b) TO NOTE an update on the current financial position 

c) TO NOTE the university's response to the USS consultation 






9. Audit and Risk Committee

TO NOTE the minutes of the Audit and Risk Committee


10. Governance Committee

TO NOTE a report from the Governance Committee


11. Minutes of the last meeting 

TO CONFIRM the minutes of the meeting held on 06 July 2023

QM2023-11 [PDF 158KB]

12. Matters arising

TO NOTE matters arising from the minutes

QM2023-12 [PDF 113KB]



13. Agenda for the next meeting

TO NOTE the draft agenda for the next meeting

QM2023-13 [PDF 102KB]
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