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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item Paper
1. Welcome, apologies and declaration of interests N/A
2. TO NOTE an update from the Chair Oral report
3. TO CONSIDER President and Principal's report QM2022/39
4. TO CONSIDER QMSU President's report QM2022/40
5. TO CONSIDER a deep dive presentation from the faculty of medicine and dentistry QM2022/41
6. TO CONSIDER an update on action in response to the staff survey and plans for future surveys QM2022/42
7. TO CONSIDER an update on strategic KPIs and the strategic risk register QM2022/43


a) TO NOTE  the minutes of Finance and Investment Committee

b) TO NOTE an update on the current financial position 

c) TO APPROVE the 2023-24 budget and capital plan; and TO NOTE the five-year forecasts

d) TO APPROVE an interim business case for the Life Sciences Building

e) TO APPROVE the travel and expenses policy 

f) TO CONSIDER QMSU financial statements and mid-year accounts





QM2022-48 [PDF 110KB]

QM2022-49 [PDF 134KB]

9. TO CONSIDER the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) submission QM2022/50
10. TO CONSIDER compliance with Ordinance B QM2022/51
11. TO CONSIDER the annual EDI report QM2022-52 [PDF 660KB]


a) TO CONSIDER the minutes of Senate

b) TO CONSIDER the student annual casework report

c) TO NOTE the Degrees Outcomes Statement

QM2022-53 [PDF 294KB]


QM2022-55 [PDF 384KB]

13. TO NOTE the minutes of Audit and Risk Committee QM2022/56
14. TO CONFIRM minutes of the last meeting QM2022-57 [PDF 205KB]
15. TO CONSIDER matters arising QM2022-58 [PDF 115KB]
16. TO NOTE documents sealed under the authority of Council  QM2022-59 [PDF 165KB]
17. TO NOTE draft agenda for the next meeting  QM2022-60 [PDF 96KB]
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