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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item  Paper 
 1. Welcome and apologies   N/A
 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2021   QM2021-33 [PDF 189KB] 
 3. Chair's update, including Decisions taken by circulation since the last meeting   QM2021-34 [PDF 170KB]
 4. President and Principal's report   QM2021/35
 5. QMSU President's report   QM2021-36 [PDF 749KB]
 6. Update on Access and Participation Plan  QM2021-37 [PDF 208KB]

 7. Strategy performance

  •  Strategic KPIs
  •  Strategic Risk Register - Part A




 8. Financial matters

  • Finance and Investment Committee minutes
  • Current financial position
  • Budget 2022-23 and financial forecasts
  • Pension regulation changes




 QM2021-43 [PDF 142KB]


 9. Audit and Risk Committee minutes

  • Strategic Risk Register - Part B
  • Recommendation to appoint internal auditors




 10. Remuneration Committee report  QM2021-47 [PDF 139KB]
 11. Compliance with Ordinance B staffing matters  QM2021-48 [PDF 262KB]

 12. Senate report

  • Annual report on student casework 

 QM2021-49 [PDF 174KB]

 QM2021-50 [PDF 198KB]

 13. Draft agenda for the next meeting  QM2021-51 [PDF 93KB]
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