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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item  Paper 
 1. Welcome and apologies   N/A
 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 07 October 2021   QM2021-12 [PDF 179KB] 
 3. Chair's update  Oral report
 4. President and Principal's report  QM2021/13
 5. QMSU President's report  QM2021-14 [PDF 731KB]

 6. Financial update

  •  Finance and Investment Committee minutes
  •  Current financial position 




 7. OfS accountability return for 2020-21:

  •  Audit Committee annual report
  •  External audit letter of recommendation
  •  External audit annual report
  •  Internal audit annual report
  •  Audited financial statements and commentary 

 QM2021-17 [PDF 496KB]






 8. Audit and Risk Committee update

  •  Audit and Risk Committee report
  •  Recommendation to appoint external auditors
  •  Fire, Health and Safety annual report 2020-21 
  •  Prevent return
  •  Whistle blowing policy 



 QM2021-24 [PDF 544KB]

 QM2021-25 [PDF 148KB]

 QM2021-26 [PDF 240KB]


 9. Academic accountability 

  •  Senate report
  •  Academic accountability annual report

 QM2021-27 [PDF 218KB]

 QM2021-28 [PDF 273KB]


 10. Remuneration Committee update

  •  Remuneration Committee report
  •  Remuneration annual report



 11. Deep dive on civic and community engagement  Presentation
 12. *Use of the Common Seal  QM2021-31 [PDF 118KB]
 13. *Draft agenda for the next meeting   QM2021-32 [PDF 97KB]
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