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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


 Item  Paper 
 1. Welcome and apologies   N/A
 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 08 October 2020   QM2020/13 
 3. Matters arising  QM2020-14 [PDF 139KB]
 4. Chair's update  Oral report
 5. President and Principal's report  QM2020/15
 6. QMSU President's report  QM2020-16 [PDF 937KB]

 7. Financial update:

 a) Finance and Investment Committee 

 b) Current financial position 




 8. OfS accountability return for 2019-20:

 a) Audit Committee annual report

 b) External Auditor letter of representation

 c) External Audit annual report

 d) Internal Audit annual report

 e) Audited Financial Statements and commentary

 f) OfS return 30 October 2020

 QM2020-19 [PDF 326KB]







 9. Academic accountability:

 a) Senate report

 b) Academic accountability annual report

 QM2020-25 [PDF 125KB]

 QM2020-26 [PDF 222KB]


 10. Audit and Risk Committee update:

 a) Audit and Risk Committee report

 b) Health, Safety and Fire annual report 2019-20


 QM2020-28 [PDF 1,090KB]


 11. Remuneration Committee update:

 a) Remuneration Committee report

 b) Remuneration Annual report


 QM2020-30 [PDF 171KB]

 12. Process to consider the renewal of the appointment of the President and Principal  QM2020-31 [PDF 244KB]
 13. Process to consider the re-election of the Chair of Council   QM2020-32 [PDF 123KB]
 14. Draft agenda for the next meeting   QM2020-33 [PDF 222KB]
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