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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


1. Welcome and apologies N/A

2. 19 October 2017 Council meeting

  • non-confidential minutes
  • confidential minutes
QM2017-15 [PDF 278KB]
3. Matters arising QM2017-16
4. Chair's opening remarks Oral report
5. President and Principal's report QM2017-17
6. President's report [QMSU], including QMSU Impact Report for 2016-17

QM2017-18 [PDF 210KB]

QM2017-18ii [PDF 1,957KB]


7. Presentation on financial matters

  • 10 year capital framwork
  • Current financial position (period 2)
  • Future borrowing requirements
  • Finance and Investment Committee minutes






8. Life Sciences update QM2017-23
9. Annual stocktake QM2017-24
10. Audited Financial Statements year end 31 July 2017 including Letter of Representation QM2017-25

11. Annual Accountability Return:

  • Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report
  • Academic assurance report
  • Prevent Duty
  • Annual assurance return
  • Financial commentary

QM2017-26 [PDF 252KB]

QM2017-27 [PDF 191KB]

QM2017-28 [PDF 130KB]



12. Audit and Risk Committee report QM2017-31
13. Remuneration Committee report QM2017-32 [PDF 52KB]
14. Governance Committee report QM2017-33 [PDF 129KB]
15. Senate report QM2017-34 [PDF 103KB]
16. *Agenda for the next meeting  QM2017-35 [PDF 223KB]
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