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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Part 1: Preliminary ItemsPaper
1. Welcome an apologies N/A

2. 10 July 2017 Council meeting

  • non-confidential minutes
  • confidential minutes
QM2017-01 [PDF 282KB]
3. Matters arising QM2017-02 [PDF 231KB]
4. Chairman's opening remarks Oral report
5. President and Principal's report QM2017-03
6. President's report [QMSU] QM2017-04 [PDF 164KB]
Part 2: Performance Review  
7. Professional Services update Presentation
Part 3: Strategic Planning  
8. QMSU Priorities for 2017-18 Presentation
9. Life Sciences update  QM2017-05
10. USS Pensions update QM2017-06
Part 4: Legislative and Conformance Issues  
11. Revised Charter and Ordinances QM2017-07 [PDF 192KB]
12. Financial Regulations and Scheme of Delegation of Financial Authority QM2017-08
Part 5: Other Matters for Report  
13. Finance and Investment Committee report QM2017-09
14. Audit and Risk Committee report QM2017-10
15. Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee report QM2017-11
16. Governance Committee report QM2017-12 [PDF 150KB]
17. *Use of the Common Seal of the College and Chair's Action QM2017-13 [PDF 258KB]
18. *Agenda for the next meeting  QM2017-14 [PDF 239KB]
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