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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


1. Welcome and apologies N/A
2. Minutes of the meeting held on 30 November 2017 QM2017-37 [PDF 307KB]
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 145 February 2018 QM2017-38
4. Matters arising QM2017-39
5. Chair's opening remarks Oral report
6. President and Principa's report QM2017-40
7. President's report [QMSU], including QMSU Returning Officer's Election report QM2017-41 [PDF 140KB]
8. QMSU Memorandum and Articles of Association QM2017-42 [PDF 64KB]
9. QMSU Financial Statements 2016-17, current financial position and five year plans QM2017-43 [PDF 1,155KB]
10. 2018-19 Budget and financial forecasts to 2022-23 QM2017-44

11. Current financial position, including:

  • Finance and Investment Committee minutes



12. Registration with the Office for Students QM2017-47 [PDF 158KB]

13. Audit and Risk Committee report, including

  • Re-appointment of the External Auditors
  • Health, safety and fire annual report
  • Updated policies



QM2017-50 [PDF 32KB]

14. Senate report QM2017-51 [PDF 159KB]
15. *Use of the Common Seal of the College QM2017-52 [PDF 29KB]
16. *Agenda for the next meeting QM2017-53 [PDF 224KB]
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