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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


1. Welcome and apologies  N/A
2. East London Genes & Health, and QMUL Health Data Science Presentation

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 31 May 2018

  • Non-confidential
  • Confidential 
QM2017-64 [PDF 279KB]
4. Matters arising QM2017-65
5. Chair's update Oral report

6. President and Principal's report

  • Report on the 2017-18 Planning Round



7. President's report [QMSU] QM2017-68 [PDF 386KB]
8. VP Education update


QM2017-68i [PDF 75KB]

9. Student wellbeing and mental health QM2017-69 [PDF 215KB]

10. Financial position and planning including:

Period 9 management accounts

Finance and Investment Committee minutes

Financial and student number forecasts to 2023

Treasury Management Policy

Approval of changes to Lloyd's loan agreement

*Review of Financial Regulations, Scheme of Delegation of Financial Authority, and Travel and Expenses Policy






QM2017-75 [PDF 182KB]

11. Equality and diversity report 2018 QM2017-76 [PDF 55KB]
12. Ongoing conditions of registratio with the Office for Students QM2017-77 [PDF 204KB]
13. Audit and Risk Committee report QM2017-78
14. Governance Committee report QM2017-79 [PDF 152KB]
15. Remuneration Committee  QM2017-80 [PDF 345KB]
16. Senate Report QM2017-81 [PDF 138KB]
17. Council schedule of business 2018-19 QM2017-82 [PDF 247KB]
18. *Agenda for the next meeting QM2017-83 [PDF 232KB]
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