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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Council 21 November 2016

 Part 1: Preliminary items  Paper
 1. Welcome and apologies  Oral report
2. Meeting of  26 October 2016    
    Non-confidential minutes
    Confidential minutes
 QM2016-13 [PDF 258KB]
 3. Matters arising  QM2016-14 [PDF 231KB]
 4. Chairman's opening remarks  Oral report
 5. President and Principals' report  QM2016-15
 6. QMSU President's report  QM2016-16 [PDF 422KB]
 Part 2: Performance review  
 7. Annual stocktake  QM2016-17
 Part 3: Strategic planning  
 8. Life Sciences  Oral report
 9 . Appointment of the next Chair of Council  QM2016-18
 Part 4: HEFCE Annual Accountability Return  

 10. Audited Financial Statements for year-end 31 July 2016 including:

  • External audit letter of representation

 QM2016-19a [PDF 448KB]



 11. Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report 2015-16
      Items considered by the Committee and included in additional reading:

  • Internal auditors annual report
  • External auditors annual report
  • Value for Money annual report
 QM2016-20 [PDF 687KB]

 12. Annual assurance return:

  • Part 1: Conformance to the requirements of the Memorandum of Assurance
             and Accountability
  • Part 2: Academic assurance
  • Part 3: Conformance with charity status
          - Prevent Duty
          - Financial commentary
          - Annual sustainability statement

QM2016-22 [PDF 527KB]


 Part 5: Other matters for report  
 13. Audit and Risk Committee report  QM2016-27
 14. Finance and Investment Committee report including current financial position  QM2016-28
 15. Governance Committee report including:
       - Update on effectiveness review action plan and CUC Higher Education
         Code of Governance mapping
       - Amendment to Ordinances
       - Frequency of Council meetings
 16. Remuneration Committee annual report  QM2016-32
 17. *Use of the Common Seal of the College  QM2016-30 [PDF 161KB]
 18. *Agenda for the next meeting  QM2016-31 [PDF 234KB]
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